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Turn Your Dream Into Your Vice


Did it ever occur to you just how motivated we are when it comes to our vices?

We will stop at nothing to get our hands on our object of craving. It’s really amazing to see how we always find the necessary resources to make things happen.

We find money to buy our vice, even if we are poor. We  make time for our vice, even if our schedules are really full. And if something stands in the way of us and our vice, we will find a way to overcome that obstacle. We sometimes are incredible persuaders and convince other people to support us in any needed way.

Bottom line is – people with vices are really to be admired for the shown determination and perseverance.

The only problem is that we apply those traits in the wrong places. Our vices usually damage our health.

But what if we could take the same motivation and determination and apply it to our dreams too? What if we could follow our dreams with the same intensity as we do with our vices?

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How to be completely free


You’ve been taught that whenever you want to reach a goal, you set out a target and then you move towards it. This is what the Law of Attraction teachers talk about too.

Set goals, visualize success, feel good and take action. This method works, if used correctly, but it also consumes a great deal of energy.

What if there’s a different approach to things?

What if instead of going towards the object of your desire, you bring it to you? Or better said – you allow it to come to you. [click to continue…]


How to find your passion when you have no clue what you like

live with passion

Wherever you look nowadays, you find people telling you that you should be happy, that you should follow your passion, that you should seek happiness.

But what if you don’t have any clue about what you like or want to do? What if you can’t find your passion?

If you’re one of the people who think that “it’s so easy for the ones who have already figured everything out, but I’m just not one of them”, then this article is for YOU.

I’ve personally found my passion for Personal Development at a fairly young age. But I didn’t know it was my passion until I came up with the method I describe below.

This very simple technique helped me gain more clarity than ever before about my passion and purpose in life. [click to continue…]


Are you snoozing life away?

snooze button

It’s that dreaded alarm clock again – you hear it in the morning. It’s telling you that it’s time to get up.

But you don’t feel like it. You would rather stay in bed, where it’s so warm and cozy and sleep a little longer.

So you hit the snooze button and start drifting away again into the dream world. Until 10 minutes later the alarm goes off again.

What follows is a little internal battle - should you get up? Well, kinda, because it’s getting late. But 5 more minutes won’t count, so you could just enjoy it more.

But eventually, you must get up.

This snoozing metaphor illustrates what we are doing with our lives. We hear the call to action, the impulse get up and do something – but instead we linger a little more in our comfort zone, just because it’s so warm and cozy.

Does it sound familiar? [click to continue…]


Why Motivation Doesn’t Work

A Zen master and his student were sitting in the garden of the monastery contemplating the view. Suddenly, they see a rabbit being chased by a fox. The student quickly points out: “I think the rabbit has seen his last day”. Whereby the master replies “That depends on what is stronger – the hunger of the fox or the rabbit’s desire to live”.

In order to get anything done we need motivation. Motivation is what gets us out of bed in the morning, what makes us go to work, what gets us to go out into the world and touch other people and so on. We need motivation for anything we do.

What is Motivation Anyway?

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