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How To Fall In Love With Life

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Have you ever noticed the difference in attitude between people who are content with their lives and people who are in love with their lives? It’s quite a BIG difference. And one of the biggest differences is in the quality of life they experience.

Between Tolerance and Love

There are basically three types of attitudes you can have towards your own life: you can love it, you can tolerate it or you can hate it. If you are in the last two categories, then you probably make the number one huge mistake unhappy people make: you accept things in your life which drag you down.

Basically, anything that doesn’t bring you joy is a thing which drags you down. Have you ever noticed how it feels when you do something because you really want to? You feel awesome and really enthusiastic about it.

And how do you feel when you do something just because someone asks you to, even though you would rather do something else instead? The attitude you have is totally different and your energy level is low.

How do you expect to do a great job with anything if you start off with a low energy level? Most likely you will pull things through, but only get a mediocre result.

Are You Committed to Tolerance?

Just image what your life would be like if your days were filled only with tasks you dislike, but do, because you believe you need to or someone demands them from you.

How would you feel at the end of the day?

I bet you would be drained and instantly drop into bed. Not to mention the fact that you would start the next morning by dragging yourself out of bed. I’ve been there and know that.

But can you imagine what it would be like to just allow your day to be filled with activities you love and really look forward to?

You would feel inspired and ready for action and you would finish what you start much quicker while also doing a great job. Not to mention the fact that at the end of the day you would be jumping around with joy for all the things you’ve managed to accomplish.

Which of the two versions do you prefer?

Decide to Fall in Love With Life

The best favor you can do to yourself is starting to live the life you truly desire. You will notice a huge difference when you make that decision.

All you need to do is eliminate all chores that drag you down, including all people who drain your energy or all things you just tolerate. This means letting go of everything or everyone that is not in harmony with who you really are or want to be. Fill your life with those things you really enjoy and love. It’s the biggest proof of self respect you can show to yourself.

What good does it do to live as a lower version of yourself? Who can you serve if you are not as good as you can be? What is the point of life you are merely surviving instead of living? And most of all, how can you respect others of you are unable to respect yourself in the first place?

Do you really think you can prove your love to someone else by sacrificing a part of who you are and downgrading your personality? Do you believe that whenever you say “Yes” to someone else and “No” to yourself, you end up being happy?

You might be tempted to say that the other person will be happy if you do something for them. Allow me to disagree. The only things done really well are those performed wholeheartedly. Anything else is just a “draft” at most.

The world doesn’t need you to be small. It needs you to shine your light upon it. It requires you to respect yourself and fall in love with life and with yourself.

How to Raise Your Standards

Stop doing things you dislike and tolerate. Find ways to eliminate them from your life.

You might be tempted to say that you are unable to quit the job you hate because it’s the only working option you have right now and you must pay your bills. Or that you need to stay within the current living arrangement, even though you hate it, because it’s really the only possibility you have.

I’ve got news for you: the only thing that limits you are your own beliefs. Your current life conditions are not the only ones you have available right now. They are the only ones you choose to see right now.

Your options are really unlimited, if you choose to shift your perception and focus on how you can live in joy instead of tolerance. The future is full of surprises, so allow it to work for you.

Get rid of things you no longer find useful. Stop doing activities for others just because you fear your relationship with them will be endangered. Only hang out with those people you find inspiring and uplifting.

Avoid at all cost tasks, places and people that bring you down and drain your energy. It’s crucial that you surround yourself with what you want more of in your life and you dedicate most of your time to those things that energize you.

How to Deal With Things You Need to Tolerate

Sometimes you really have to tolerate something for the moment, because you find it’s the only arrangement you can make. But there’s a fix for that too – change your attitude towards it and approach it differently.

Do anything you can to make it enjoyable the next time you face it. Laugh about it! Be funny!

A new attitude will certainly improve your energy level and will make things much more acceptable and smooth. Then you can slowly start replacing the things you tolerate with the ones you truly love.

When you decide to allow only high quality things in your life, everything will start changing. New high quality opportunities will start appearing, without you ever having thought of them before.

If you decide to raise your standards and broadcast into the world, that you only accept those things which you truly want, then the universe will start responding in kind and bring them to you.

Do You Wear Second Hand Clothes?

The key to falling in love with life is to stop settling for anything less than the very best. Stop allowing second hand versions to come to you.

If you have some old clothes you no longer use and you see a beggar on the street, you would be tempted to give them those old clothes. You assume they might make use of them. But I’m certain you wouldn’t give your old clothes to someone you see dressed in a beautiful outfit.

Life responds in the same way to you. If it sees that you accept second hand versions of things, it will give you more of those, because you seem to need them.

On the other hand, if it sees that you only settle for the very best, then it will bring you the very best.

So stop being a beggar. Choose only the best job, the best relationship, the best place to live, the best food, the best music, the best friends, the best lifestyle and the best day-to-day activities.

The moment when you’ll stop tolerating lower versions of yourself and your life will be the moment when a major breakthrough will take place and you will start experiencing that which you truly desire.

It’s up to you to raise your standards, whenever you are ready to fall in love with your life.

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