The Power of Affirmations Series – 1. Introduction0

Affirmations, Affirm Yourself

Over the course of the next few articles I will be blogging about affirmations. I consider them to be the most powerful existing self-help tool. I really believe anyone can achieve absolutely anything using affirmations.

I will make the articles short, so that they can easily be followed even by people with little time.

I want everyone who reads these blog posts to find ways to implement affirmations in their lives and make them part of their daily habits.

What are Affirmations?

Before we dig deeper, it’s important to go through the basics first. I’ve been asked this question a lot.

So, what are affirmations?

Affirmations are repeated suggestions you give to your mind – both conscious and subconscious – meant to help you implement positive changes in your life and achieve any goal.

They take the form of sentences you repeat over and over again to yourself, until your subconscious mind accepts them. The basic assumption is that true change comes from within.

Affirmations are thus a very powerful tool which can help you change on the inside. An outer change is merely a reflection of an inner change. Results are much faster and resistance is eliminated if the inner change comes first.

I experimented with different ways of using affirmations over the course of time. I found that some work better and provide much faster results than others.

You will have the chance to see directly the findings of my year-long research, without having to go through this tedious process yourself. This means you will get the best methods, tried and true.

Affirmations are a very powerful tool you can use for manifesting your intentions and improving your life. From my point of view, they are even more powerful than visualization and should be on your daily to-do list, if you want to achieve success and become unstoppable or heal and live as a whole person.

My Experience With Affirmations

I started using affirmations when I was in high school, after reading some articles on self-hypnosis. I had very limited knowledge about their power and how they worked, but I was really keen on making some improvements in my attitude and self-esteem. This was the only means I had available. I used affirmations to tell my subconscious how to change for the better.

I started repeating affirmations at night, before sleep, when I was in a very relaxed state. I suggested to myself that I am a confident person, I make the right decisions and I have the courage to express myself in any situation. I sometimes also intended certain things to happen, like meeting someone or the outcome of a situation.

Improvements started slowly showing. I even noticed some synchronicities and there were more and more situations which gave me the opportunity to prove to myself my new qualities. I did mental work and took action to adopt the changed mindset.

One year later I had the brand new confidence I desired and my self esteem was much higher than before. I felt able to tackle any challenges life was going to throw at me.

A few years later, in college, I discovered that I was able to get the maximum grade at my exams using affirmations. This actually happened absolutely every time I tried it.

After studying even more personal development, I incorporated affirmations in my daily habits each time I wanted to achieve any goal that seemed very difficult and needed to expand my comfort zone.

I remember I once wanted a job in Human Resources, as a recruiter, while having absolutely no such previous experience. Oh, yes, and I wanted to do it on a part-time basis, as well.

So I set forth my intentions and started repeating the affirmations I had especially designed for this. Within approximately a month and a half I got an Internship offer in a Recruiting company after going at a job fair.

The Internship lasted one month full time and my contract was extended afterwards on a part-time schedule, upon my request. So I got exactly what I wanted. I still consider this one of the greatest things I’ve managed to achieve with the help of affirmations.

Affirmations have worked wonderfully and flawlessly every time I used them. The only time they didn’t work as expected was when I repeated them sporadically and for short or inconsistent periods of time. I only got partial results, according to my actions.

So that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend using affirmations as a support for any goal you have and want to achieve.

Coming Up Next

In the next article I will present all the benefits of using affirmations and the reasons why they are so effective. I would also love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Please share your personal experience with affirmations. Have you ever used affirmations? What were the results you got? If you have no previous experience, what would determine you to start using affirmations?