The Power of Affirmations Series – 4. How to Get Fast Results with Affirmations0

In order to change the topic a bit and not bore everyone to death with polyphasic sleep, I’ll present part four of my Affirmation Series :) . This post continues with the idea of the last one and gives you some other useful tips on how to make the most of your affirmations.

Read Your Affirmations Out Loud

You may find this to be a bit odd or silly in the beginning. Many people feel highly uncomfortable when having to read their affirmations out loud. But this technique is very powerful and really accelerates your results.

Verbalizing affirmations is like your statement to the world, that you are ready to receive whatever you intend for. You are making your voice heard.

You may have noticed, that when you stare at someone long enough and with all your attention, they will eventually feel your gaze and look back at you. This works, but it usually takes a while. However, if you call that person, they will immediately respond.

This is how affirmations work too. If you repeat them in your mind long enough and with intensity, they will eventually bring the desired changes in your life. But by stating them out loud, you dramatically increase the speed at which things will be drawn to you.

Plus, there is a positive side-effect: you instantly improve your mood to match the energy of the affirmations. That is one of the contributing factors to accelerating your results. You get to feel great during and after the process (as soon as you get over the initial discomfort, which disappears if you simply persevere).

Repeat Your Affirmations in Front of the Mirror

You can make things even more uncomfortable, by verbalizing your affirmations in the bathroom, in front of the mirror. You’ll be amazed at how many blockages you’ll discover within yourself.

This exercise is definitely worth doing, at least once. It will completely shift your perspective and bring to light several unknown issues you can work with.

In the beginning it will feel as if you’re lying and that’s normal. You actually are lying, if we consider things from the perspective of your old self. He or she is the one looking at you in the mirror. But a new self is supposed to surface, so that you can become a match for your desires.

For this to happen, the new you needs to overwrite the old you. Affirmations help you do this and if you repeat them out loud and in front of the mirror, you actually get to see (and feel!) that transformation.

The old you will resist all attempts to be changed. Any change is uncomfortable at first. But by doing this exercise you actually get to consciously acknowledge change and witness it taking place right before of your eyes.

As you get more and more used to repeating affirmations in front of the mirror, you become the new person you want to be. Your desires will have to show up in your life, because you will be ready to receive them.

Make Repeating Affirmations Fun

The more you enjoy repeating your affirmations, the easier it will be for you to feel the corresponding energy. If you make the entire process as fun as possible, you will also eliminate any blockages which may appear. Typical blockages include doubt, uncertainty, fear, disbelief etc.

As long as you have fun, you will stay positive and those sabotaging emotions may never pop up.

How do you have fun when repeating affirmations?

Well, for starters, you can involve any form of art to help you. I, for example, like to sometimes sing my affirmations. I compose short verses which rhyme and add a fitting musical pattern to them. And to my surprise, I find it very easy to create affirmations like this.

The great thing about this is that the “song” stays in my mind and goes on autopilot for the remainder of the day. I get the same benefits without having to consciously work anymore. How cool is that? :)

However, I don’t do this with all my affirmations. That would be too tedious. I usually select one important affirmation with a high priority and potential and let the fun do its magic.

I encourage you to find your own methods for making affirmations fun – and please also share them with us in the comment section below, so that we can all benefit from them. Feel free to design your own creative process of repeating affirmations. And keep in mind: the more enjoyable it is, the less resistance you will project and the faster your goal will be achieved.

The series will continue with you the best moments of the day to repeat your affirmations for spectacular results.