The Power of Affirmations Series – 5. The Best Time to Repeat Affirmations0

This article continues the series on affirmations. I will be presenting the most efficient ways to use affirmations, in order to obtain maximum results with a minimum of effort. I stated in a previous article that affirmations can be repeated anytime, thus allowing you a lot of flexibility. However, why not accelerate your results? Here are some tips on when to use affirmations for the best possible outcome.

Repeat Affirmations Before Going to Bed

Get into the habit of setting aside a few minutes every night, right before sleep, to repeat your affirmations. You can read them out loud several times but if you’ve already memorized them, then repeat them in your mind when you are in bed, just on the verge of falling asleep.

As soon as you lay down to sleep, your body relaxes and your brain shifts its frequencies from the busy beta to the relaxed alpha. While at alpha, you are much more receptive to suggestions and autosuggestions.*

This means the information is absorbed directly by the subconscious mind, without any resistance or effort on your side. The thinking mind with all the “buts” and “ifs” gets out of the way, making room for the assimilation of any idea.

I also encourage you to induce yourself a relaxed state first, in order to deliberately lower your brainwave frequency. You can easily do that by counting down from 10 to 1 and imagining yourself climbing down a staircase. Then, when you are fully relaxed, you can repeat your affirmations and drift off to sleep.

If you integrate this habit into your life, not only will you accelerate your results, but you will also improve your sleep. Repeating affirmations right before sleep will enhance your mood, keep you from worrying over what will happen the next day and help you fall asleep much faster. You will most likely wake up with a positive feeling too.

This is my preferred manner of repeating affirmations, since it has yielded the best results for me so far. It’s really the fastest way to convince the subconscious mind of almost anything. This was also the method I used to always get maximum grades for my exams. I shared the story here.

Repeating affirmations like this is also a quick-fix in case you skip your daily routine. While you can use this approach alone and still get very good results, I strongly recommend combining the various techniques I’ve described in my previous articles.

Please also do the mirror exercise at least once – you’ll want to do it more and more afterwards 😉 .

Repeat Affirmations After Waking Up

When you wake up, your brain recovers from sleep and operates at the lower alpha frequency for the first few minutes. That means the time is ideal for repeating your affirmations.

Get into the habit of starting your day this way. Make sure you stay in bed and don’t get up too suddenly, because that makes you alert and brings your brain to the beta frequency.

However, if you get too little sleep and feel very tired upon waking up, you may want to stand up first and then repeat the affirmations in your mind. This is in order to prevent you from falling back asleep while you do the exercise. You’ll still be operating at the alpha frequency until you feel more awake.

Another benefit of repeating affirmations first thing in the morning is that you get a good feeling and start your day with a positive attitude. Every time I use this technique, I make sure I also state the fact that I will have a great day and everything will run smoothly.

Repeat Affirmations When Your Mind Goes Idle

Throughout the day, the brain operates in cycles of wakefulness and sleepiness. It constantly fluctuates between beta and higher alpha. This gives you the opportunity to increase the exposure of your subconscious mind to affirmations.

Basically, the lower your brain frequencies are, the faster your suggestions will be received. Even though you will only operate at higher alpha during the day, it’s still a good moment to repeat affirmations.

How do you know when you are at alpha? There are several clues your body gives you:

    • You start daydreaming and your mind goes idle
    • You start yawning
    • You find it hard to focus on a task
    • You get really sleepy
    • You start doodling
    • Your attention keeps drifting away

I would also encourage you to close your eyes if you try the exercise, since it will help you maintain the alpha level or even deepen it a bit. You may in fact find yourself feeling refreshed and able to regain your concentration after finishing.

You will get a double benefit this way – your affirmations will bring you one step closer to your goal and the process will allow your mind to rest and function sharper afterwards.

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